Have you been thinking about getting radon testing done on your home? There are so many things that you have to protect your home against from theft to fire hazards, but radon is another concern that should be high on your list.

Payments Due After Tests

Radon is a radioactive gas that likely can be found in the soil around your home. It is formed naturally when uranium decays over time and infiltrates the soil. However, the problem is that radon often does not stay in the soil. It normally moves from the soil into your home in some fashion.

Radon Levels Rise over Time

Radon Testing in MinnesotaOnce radon makes its way into your home, it quickly builds up and radon levels rise as a result. The only way to know how much radon has made its way into your home is to have your home tested. Using radon testing services in MN (like the ones Healthy Homes Provides) is the only way you can accurately make an informed decision.

Living in fear due to the amount of radon in your home should no longer be a worry. We can give you an accurate reading that will offer peace of mind.

Should You Be Worried About Your Home?

The only way to feel better about your home safety is to have your home tested for radon. The fact is that your home is likely at risk. Both new and old homes can be at risk to radon exposure, because it doesn’t matter if your home is drafty or has a basement.

Radon can penetrate through your home in a wide variety of ways. The most common ways radon gets in includes through cracks in the floor, construction joints, gaps in suspended floors, gaps around service pipes and through your water supply.

Our radon testing services will help you make an informed decision about the amount of radon in your home. The only way to know if high amounts of radon are present is to have your home tested by the experts.

Why Choose Us?

We have experience and a reputation that you can rely on. Our testing services live up to the highest quality standards and are specifically designed to give you access to accurate results. We take our job very seriously and are dedicated to serving the community by making homeowners aware of the radon levels in their homes. Our advice and recommendations swill help you make the best decision.

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