Are you and your loved ones being exposed to a harmful radioactive gas on a daily basis? You might think that this is impossible, but the fact is that radon might be present in high levels within your home at this exact moment.

The quality of air within your home is an important factor in your overall health. The only way to know that you are not in harm by high levels of radon is to know exactly how much is present in your home.

Payments Due After Tests

Healthy Homes Radon Mitigation in Eden Prairie, MN has systems specifically designed to reduce the amount of radon that you are exposed to. Making your air quality improved and making your living environment more comfortable as a result is our main goal.

What Exactly is Radon?

Radon Mitigation Eden PrairieYou have likely heard of radon before, but you might not be completely familiar with what it is and where it comes from. Radon is a type of radioactive gas that comes from the soil. Uranium is found within most types of soils and as it naturally decays over time it forms radon.

Radon begins to move from the soil into the air above and eventually finds its way into your home. Once in your home radon becomes trapped inside and as time goes on the levels of radon increase as a result.

Healthy Homes Radon mitigation in Eden Prairie provides a the only solution that will reduce the amount of radon in your home and improve the air quality.

Test Radon Levels

The only way to know for sure if a radon mitigation in the Eden Prairie area is needed, is for you to have the radon levels in your home expertly tested. The fact is that radon can make its way into your home in a variety of different ways.

This includes through cracks in solid floors, construction joints, cracks in walls, gaps in service pipes and even through the water supply. It is much better to be safe rather than sorry. The time is now to have your home tested for radon. If you have high levels of radon in your home a radon mitigation system is something that you should strongly consider.

What Benefits Come From Having a Radon Mitigation System in Your Home?

Not only does a radon mitigation system reduce the amount of radon substantially, but it also improves your overall air quality. Now all types of soil gases will be removed from your air.

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